This program is for coaches who want to further develop themselves and/or their staff. With a strong focus on developing the athlete or client from the very beginning this program covers a magnitude of topics to ensure you and/or your staff are best equipped with the knowledge and know-how to guarantee results for your athletes and clients. It is a comprehensive 6-12wk program covering the following topics:


  • Initial movement assessment for your client/athlete
  • The art of coaching both the exercise and person
  • Mobility development
  • Basic Barbell Coaching – Bench, Squat, Deadlift
  • Olympic Lifting Coaching for athletic performance
  • Kettlebell Coaching
  • Program Design and Periodization methods
  • Speed and Power Development for the Athlete
  • Developing the Core


This program is for any personal trainer, coach or business owner with staff who genuinely wants to up skill him or herself and/or his or her business. Leave no stone unturned when developing your current and future athletic populations.