Summer School Holidays Training Camp – Single Session


Rather than the kids being dropped at childcare or sitting at home playing PlayStation or Xbox, why not let me take them off your hands for 2 hours at a time and educate them on all things youth athlete development?
The focus of the summer training camps is to develop the physical literacy of the youngsters through physical, social, psychological, and cognitive development – whilst having FUN at the same time.
Price: $447 for 4 sessions or $147 for individual sessions (see relevant product in shop)


What can your son or daughter expect during the Summer Camp?


  • Agility training
  • Acceleration and Speed coaching
  • Body weight strength circuits
  • Games including throwing and catching tasks
  • Balance, coordination, and decision-making tasks
  • Plyometric training including various jumps, hops & bounds
  • Medicine ball training for power development
  • Cardiovascular training for general fitness

Ages: 7-13yrs
Location: Unit E, 134-140 Old Pittwater Rd, Brookvale (The Cube Gym)
Dates & times: 11-1pm on December 12th,15th,19th & 22nd
Coach: Luke Edgell. Owner & Head Coach of EdgePerformance

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