Truth Nathanael

Truth Nathanael

“I first enquired with Luke from EdgePerformance to improve my son’s physical strength and speed during his rapid growth spurt. At the age of 13 my son developed an Osgood Schlatter syndrome as the result of quick physical growth in height and being active. To overcome the OS syndrome my son had to strengthen other parts of his body to take pressure of his knees, but the challenge was we were not sure what sorts of exercise and movement cause his knee pain to worsen. That is where we came to know Luke and enquired about his services.


Luke tailored each session with individual exercises to be performed to improve my son’s physical strength working around his Osgood Schlatter’s. The focus was spent on strengthening his glutes, hamstrings, and calves to support his knees. My son is progressing very well thanks to Luke’s guidance and support.


I highly recommend Edge performance for those young athletes want to improve their strength, increase their power, speed & stamina as they grow through the adolescence year to help them minimize the risk of soft tissue injuries and continue competing in their athletic field at any level they wish.”

This testimonial was provided by Truth’s parent, Nat.