Shane Cross

Basketball Player

Shane Cross

“I have now been training with Luke Edgell for just over 18months. Being in the Fitness industry myself you find it even harder to push yourself at times as I wanted to take my Triathlons, Basketball & overall Strength to a whole new level and as such I got in touch with Luke.


Luke’s dedication to constantly developing himself as a Coach is second to none. He is constantly reading books, attending courses, listening to podcast’s and always learning. I get excited when Luke not only tells me but also shows me in our sessions the new stuff he is learning.


Knowing you have the best trainer in the gym is a great feeling! Luke always has an eye on you watching your technique, taking video & always giving me cues & feedback still to this day. Having a coach like that in your corner is such a great feeling knowing everything you are doing in your program will be translated onto the court or in a race.


I can’t speak highly enough of Luke. My performance has gone through the roof not only in my chosen sports but my overall strength & fitness has seen levels it never has before. I have a new found love for Olympic lifting which is something Luke has taught me from the ground up and has me excited to come in and train every week. For any athlete/person who wants to work & get better at their chosen sport I recommend training with Luke Edgell (Edge Performance) as you will see what great care he takes of his athletes wanting to see the results.”


Triathlon, Basketball

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May 2015

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