Remy Siemsen

Sydney FC, AIK FC (Sweden) & Matilda’s Representative

Remy Siemsen


“I have had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Edge for a number of years to ultimately develop me as an athlete and more so as a footballer. Working closely with Edge, I gained further knowledge in how to strengthen areas of my physical game through a specific and individualised strength program as well as a sprinting and running workshop/training program that I worked with Edge during the 2020 pandemic.


Throughout this program I saw and felt a significant improvement in my sprint mechanics, speed and overall mechanics. We worked heavily on my technique, postures, explosiveness and acceleration. I can confidently say it has helped my game in many ways aerobically and anaerobically and helped me prepare for the international level with the national team and playing professionally in the highest levels. I highly recommend any footballer that wants to improve sprinting/ running mechanics or even in areas of strength. Edge is an excellent coach/mentor and friend who I highly endorse to anyone that wants to take their speed to the next level.”



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