Polly Doran

Future Matildas, Melbourne Victory & Crystal Palace

Polly Doran


“I have always tried to gain any small advantages that I can. With that, I wanted to find an environment to compliment my team training which would be specific to me and what I need as a professional footballer.


Working with Edge has helped me to develop my strength base and use that to become more explosive and powerful. He has taught me a lot about why we do things in our gym session and how it transfers onto the field.


Working with Edge while I’ve been in Sydney has been huge for me! Training weekly with him allowed me to strengthen specific areas whilst making the gym an enjoyable place to come and work hard. He understands what footballers need in the gym and helped me translate this onto the field. I couldn’t recommend Edge more highly when it comes to taking your strength and power to the next level as a footballer.”

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