Oliver Kovarik

Manly United Football Club

Oliver Kovarik


“I discovered Edge through an athlete in my sport who was training to achieve and improve similar objectives as myself and was successfully progressing onto professional clubs and programs overseas. I also began with Edge as from previous injuries I lacked strength and agility through my ankle joints and supporting muscles and tendons.


Benefits from training with Edge have included increased strength, improved reaction, higher levels of confidence and overall speed. Strength gained has helped me become more comfortable on the field in all aspects. Improved reaction has given me advantage in transition as I am more alert and have the ability to suddenly change directions and speeds whenever necessary. My confidence has grown through Edge’s sessions as I am now able to perform explosive movements requiring demand with ease. This has also allowed me to be more relaxed and fluid when playing. And overall speed has improved with the qualities above and sprint mechanics he has enforced into our training.


My overall viewpoint on Edge and his sessions are very positive. He has helped me in achieving my physical goals as well as given me confidence in areas of previous injury. I strongly believe I have become a better athlete and footballer because of Edge and would confidently recommend him to any athlete or person hoping to develop further and gain an ‘edge’ on competitors. A very professional and highly educated coach.



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