Mitchell Thompson

Mitchell Thompson

Head Coach Athletika PT


“I was first attracted to the Edge Performance Academy after working one on one with Luke and seeing the value that he could add to me as a new S&C. The opportunity to learn from Luke alongside some of the best up and coming coaches in the industry was too good to pass up. Luke’s accommodating nature and attention to detail means that you will always have the best information possible.


Programming can be something that is very daunting for a new coach. The information provided by Edge Performance Academy to take any athlete from whatever level they are at to wherever their goals see them achieving was invaluable. This was by far my favourite topic and after completing the academy has given me the confidence and knowledge to set myself apart from other coaches.


This course covers all facets of business including marketing and social media which can make or break in the new digital world we live in. The academy leaves no stone unturned when it comes to seeing you succeed.


I highly recommend this course to new S&C coaches or personal trainers looking to take that next step in their career and begin training athletes. The networking opportunities are fantastic and your exposure to some of the best coaches in the industry will be second to none.”