Earl McGlinn

Professional Golfer

Earl McGlinn


  • PGA Australia Member since 2013
  • Former Golf NSW representative
  • Currently Head Coach at Manly Golf Club
  • Certified PGA Australia Coach Advanced Level
  • Trackman Certified Level 2
  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified Level 3 Golf & Level 3 Junior Coach


Some key improvements

  • Foundation Strength
  • Mobility retention
  • Endurance
  • Power (relative to golf at one-point 10mph club head speed gain)
  • Have not had an injury in the 3 years since working with Edge (now that’s saying something from someone whose had multiple surgeries and extended bouts with illness!)
  • Improved knowledge from a coaching standpoint in regards to athlete development in particular LTAD


“Knowing Edge for a number of years I have seen his methods of approach work with numerous athletes across multiple sports at the highest level on the world stage. For me I wanted to learn more about ways with which I could improve my overall athletic profile for golf whilst remaining injury free. The knowledge Edge has provided me with each training phase has allowed me to in part this with my current junior golfers I coach, whilst also expanding my current knowledge on how to properly train to improve the club head speed in my golf swing. Edge is not a good coach he is a great coach! He understands each phase of training relevant to my needs and adjusts accordingly where required. When I personally place my coaches’ hat this is priceless in my opinion.

Edge my man you are a great coach and I can’t recommend you highly enough to other athletes and coaches who are looking to take their performance to the next level.”



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