Lucy Parker

Amateur Muay Thai Fighter

Lucy Parker


“I first came to Luke because I was progressing in my Muay Thai game, but my strength was severely lacking and as I prepared to get into the ring for the first time, I knew this would let me down. I wanted to build up strength, but more importantly, power through my strikes.


Since starting with Luke, not only have I dramatically increased my strength in the gym, I have noticed a huge power difference. Luke has helped me begin to connect my lower body strength to upper body so I can get the most out of every strike and all my training partners have commented on my kicks becoming a lot more powerful. With Luke, I prepared for my first two fights and have had great results both times, not just because I was stronger and more powerful, but I felt confident in my abilities. I have also seen a big change in body composition over just 6 months, which, for a weight classed sport, was essential.


I very much look forward to continue to work with Luke and keep achieving great things in my sport. Without a doubt I would recommend working one on one with Edge Performance to any fighter looking to strengthen their game, and also athletes of every sport.”


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