Linus Yip

Professional Golfer

Linus Yip


“With a greater focus on strength and fitness being placed on professional golfers over the years, it was important that I added this into my overall training. I was referred to Luke by my good friend Tiffany Chan (LPGA Player) who spoke very highly of Luke. I was attracted to the idea of working with Luke due to his qualifications, knowledge of my sport and his large clientele of elite athletes across many different sports.


Over the span of working with Luke I have seen many benefits physically and mentally. The biggest change I have seen is a reduction in injuries or muscle fatigue from the constant repetition of the golf swing. Additionally, I have gained speed and strength in the areas pertinent to increasing my club speed (Driver swing speed has increased from 110km/h to 114km/h).


I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Luke and hope to continue to build this relationship in the future. As previously mentioned, I have seen a lot of mental growth on top of the physical growth as Luke constantly challenges and pushes me to my limit to get the best out of my training and subsequently my performance. His mindset is one that motivates me to constantly strive to be better and I would highly recommend any aspiring athlete to look his way if they want to become better.”

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