Lael Kassem

Lael Kassem

Practicing Physiotherapist and PHD Student


“Straight out of high school, I studied a bachelor’s of sports and exercise science, and then
went into my masters of physiotherapy. I loved everything about high performance, strength and conditioning and getting the most out of athletes. Even after my university degrees I was not confident.


The EdgePerformance page, kept popping up on my Instagram, I loved everything I was seeing I wanted to practice exactly what he showed! Even with my studies, I knew I didn’t have enough knowledge or experience to give it justice on my own.


I joined the edge performance academy for two main reasons; learn more about programming for athletes and to network with other people in the industry. After an amazing 10 weeks I got so much more out of it.


The biggest benefit was meeting Edge himself. He was very approachable, genuinely wanted us all to get the most out of it, he’s filled with knowledge and experience and I got to throw a million and one questions at him. He shared everything, without bullshit, maybe a little bit of humour. I respected that so much. The EdgePerformance manual is also a valuable tool, which I continue to go back to.


I would recommend it to aspiring athletes, coaches, trainers and all allied health practitioners who want to expand their knowledge on all things coaching and athlete development.”