Kieran O’Dwyer

Kieran O’Dwyer

Co-owner of Bathurst Strength & Conditioning Performance Facility


“The Edge Performance Academy was the perfect course for me at a time when I needed help.


I coach 40 + sub elite to national level youth athletes a week, from state hockey players, to NRL/CRL pathway U16’s/U18’s to national level cyclists and swimmers. Additionally I also am responsible for the programming and group class strength training coaching of 80 + general population clients per week, additionally I am also the S&C coach for the Western Rams CRL pathway and have mentored the S&C interns for the Western Region Academy of Sport.


I was looking for a course that would teach me the ins and outs of Athletic Development without having to spend hours in textbooks. Edge provided exactly that, every single 5 + hour intensive left me feeling more confident to give my all to my current athletes and provided me with a learning tool kit and way of thinking to continually evolve and improve as a coach and learner long after the academy finished.


Edge simplified complex programming and coaching principles and methods and helped me work past my own learning difficulties to be able to understand how to coach & program athletic development in all settings.


The BIG takeaway I got from being around Luke and learning from him was the principle of ‘complete ownership’, from his communication skills, to exercise demonstration to simple presence, how he maximises his skill set to get the most out of his athlete and students. Watching this characteristic up close and then implementing it into my business and coaching has truly 10X’d my business and coaching skills.


I recommend this to any coach who wants to succeed in coaching and business in the fitness industry, well worth the 7 hour return drive each week.”