Kahli Johnson

Sydney FC W-League Squad & Manly Warringah 1st Grade

Kahli Johnson

“I first started working with Edge in 2019 after I was referred to him by one of my coaches to help me become stronger on the pitch. I had just started playing with girls that were stronger and older than me and wanted to work on being able to hold my own as well as putting a bigger focus on injury prevention in my training.


Now, around 2 and a half years later, I have seen a drastic improvement in my strength and physicality with it becoming a major asset in my game. Also, being able to train for long periods throughout the year without getting injured has come from the work I have done with Edge. I have also started improving my running technique to further develop my game.


Overall, I have seen my time with Edge as being extremely beneficial as he is a very dedicated coach who is constantly learning new things and applying them to my training to help me improve. He has also become a great friend who I can always have a laugh with, even when he has me dying from conditioning. Training with Edge has become essential to my game and my development in becoming a professional athlete.”



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