Jeremy Fuchs

Professional Golfer

Jeremy Fuchs


“I first came to enquire with Edge due to developing Piriformis Syndrome in 2018, which had been causing me troubles in my ability to perform at my best and had kept me sidelined for several months.


Within a few sessions with Luke, and sticking to the program he set for me, I was pain free and the most stable I had ever been with my golf swing and was able to get back into a full-time training schedule both on and off the course. Since resolving the injury, I have steadily built strength and power and increased speed in my golf swing, as well as broadened my knowledge about golf-specific training.


I couldn’t recommend Luke highly enough to anyone who is looking to improve their body in any given sport. He has a great understanding of the body and how to adjust training to suit the individual’s needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all philosophy, which I have seen with other coaches.”

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