Jason Conroy


Jason Conroy


“Throughout my athletic career I’ve always been very focused on furthering my self in my training and improving my performance. After achieving some good results in half marathons, marathons, half ironman’s and playing Premier League soccer I was happy with my results but I wanted more and was seeking the next step to take all of my chosen sports to the next level.


I knew Luke Edgell was at the cutting edge of athletic development due to the calibre of athletes that he was training. I’ve always looked to learn from people that are masters in their field as a way to get better so I thought I should have a chat and see if he could help me achieve my dreams and desires.


Since training with Luke I was able to achieve personal bests in all my sports through his incredible depth of knowledge on exercise selection and program design that boosted my strength, speed and power which ultimately sore me achieve my dream goals. I ran a 2:58 minute marathon knocking 3 mins off my best time; this was a goal I’ve been chasing for a number of years. I completed a 4:42 min half ironman which was 13 minutes quicker than my last PB, this incredible 13minute PB is the result of his meticulous approach to choosing functional exercises in the gym that translate to increased performance in my sports. I came to Luke with hamstrings that were hanging on by a thread and he was able to re habilitate them and bullet proof my hamstrings. I played first grade soccer all year and had my best season to date all while training for a marathon and a half ironman; I don’t believe this would be possible without his help and guidance.”



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