Jamie Smith

Junior Golfer

Jamie Smith

“We were looking to train with a Strength & Conditioning coach who had the ability and knowledge to train a young athletes. We had heard of Edge through different golfing circles and decided to make an enquiry about his services and how he could improve Jamie’s physical development.


The results from training with EDGE can only be described as fantastic. Having trained with other trainers before and not getting results we had been looking for, we were blown away by the strength and power Jamie has gained whilst working with Luke. Luke has improved Jamie’s strength which in turn has increased his power and distance on the golf course. From being one of the shortest hitters he is now one of the longest players in tournaments. Luke has also worked on technique with Jamie to minimise injury.


We have worked with Luke now for around 18 months and are extremely happy with the improvements and results that Jamie has achieved. Luke is always focused and ensures that training sessions are kept interesting. From day one of training Luke has worked on technique and sport specific exercises, his results can be seen in his physique and on the course. I would recommend Luke to any athlete looking to better themselves in their chosen sport as the results clearly noticeable.”
This testimonial was provided by Jamie’s mother, Sue.