James Grierson

Professional Golfer

James Grierson

“Edge is my go-to guy when it comes to accountability and structure with my training. Given the nature of professional golf I am frequently on the road, Edge’s programs offer consistency and continuity in my training whilst I’m away. Accounting for differing levels of equipment/ gym access so I always have a type of program that I can implement.
One of his strongest assets is his commitment to pushing you to your limit whilst training with him face to face. The energy he brings to the session and the professional nature is something that is hard to match. I certainly look forward to our one-on-one sessions knowing that I am also going to learn a lot from Edge in how the session is planned and what adaptations can be made whilst being in off season vs being in a tournament week.
Since training with Edge, he has become a vital part of my team always being there for anything I have asked for. My body and training habits have both improved and I know with Edge on my team we are going to have some great achievements together.”


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