George Kayik

Junior Football Player

George Kayik

“I was introduced to Luke at the age of 13 to help develop my strength, power and explosiveness for football. As an up-and-coming footballer I knew it was important to develop strength in my game. Rather than throwing myself into a gym I wanted to learn and develop correct movements and techniques in the gym which could help me to gain strength, power and speed needed for football.


At the end of the first year of training with Luke, I had significantly more strength, power and explosiveness in my body. My running technique had improved massively, and I found that I was now able to beat defenders and other players on the pitch. My confidence just grew with every session I had with Luke.


Not only is Luke and excellent S&C Coach, but an outstanding mentor to me that has developed my mental strength over the course of our training. Thanks Luke.”



Juniors, Speed Academy