Emma Rolston

World Cup NZ Ferns Representative

Emma Rolston


“I first enquired with EDGE because I had heard and seen the work EDGE had done with other professional athletes and the immense improvements they were making. I was at a point where I needed to find someone who could take me to the next level, and EDGE was just that.
I’ve made so many improvements working with EDGE both physically and mentally. While working with EDGE, I’ve been able to lift heavier consistently, increase my speed and power, all whilst reducing injuries (which I have struggled majorly with over the years). I was able to get my first unassisted pull up, and my confidence in my ability as an athlete has made huge leaps.
I would 110% recommend EDGE to all athletes. As someone who struggles largely with injuries, my confidence was incredibly high in his ability to implement his knowledge and improve me as an athlete after my first consultation with him. He’s incredibly approachable and continuously learning in his field to become better. I have, and continue to make huge improvements with him, and have loved working with him. His work ethic, and ability to make his clients better is second to none. I couldn’t recommend anyone better to take you to the next level.”
Emma’s testimonial for Speed Academy
“Whilst I was based in Sydney, I worked with Edge with the intent to increase my strength, power and speed. I wanted to put myself in the best position to be selected to attend the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with the Football Ferns. Edge was critical to me reaching my goal by creating a football specific program that focused on my intended goals, and significantly and most notably improved my speed. Through working with Edge, and as a direct result from Edge’s sessions, we were able to improve, and refine my running mechanics for both acceleration and top speed. As a footballer, I couldn’t recommend Edge enough, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.”




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