Emma Hunt

400m Track Sprinter

Emma Hunt


“My name is Emma Hunt and I am a National 400m Athlete and compete for UTS Northern Suburbs Athletic Club.


I started with Luke after following him on Instagram for a while; I loved the specificity of his drills and exercises for sprinters and knew this was exactly what I needed. I will be going into my fourth cycle (i.e. fourth month) with him shortly and am already noticing the benefits. I am feeling stronger on the track in training, and in the gym I am mastering drills and exercises I previously could not execute.


I am excited to see this strength put to the test in the upcoming track season.


Luke is organised and has great attention to detail. His programs are flawless, and although I only see him once a week, he always messages me throughout the week to check-in and encourages me to send through videos of my other sessions so he can track my progression.”



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May 2015

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