Ellen Hirschi

Junior Tennis Player

Ellen Hirschi

“Ellen is a young tennis player, however, grew up doing a huge variety of sports including swimming, gymnastics and netball. Given the importance of fitness in the game of tennis for both injury prevention as well as physical progression I was looking for some expert support. Ellen just turned 11 when I found Edge through online research. His background and expertise in physical development seemed a good fit – however, it was the connection he was able to build immediately with Ellen that led us to start working with Edge.


Most importantly Ellen was looking forward to her physical session with Edge every week. She entered the gym with a smile and left tired but happy. Her physical development was obvious; Immediately she gained better body balance and with some more time lower body strength (legs & core) visibly improved. Gains in flexibility and speed followed. Given Edge’s knowledge he found the right balance of pushing Ellen to her limits and ensuring her body can grow naturally and steadily. Since working with Edge Ellen hasn’t suffered any injuries and has since been able to increase her training load which wouldn’t have been possible with his support.


Edge brings deep expertise both theoretically and practically to the physical development of young athletes. As important as his technical ability, however, is his talent to connect with young athletes across various sports. His curiosity to get to know his athletes individually, their particular challenges and gain their trust is vital to a young athletes development. Edge is a professional how he conducts business but brings a big heart to work every day. I can recommend Edge without hesitation to highly motivated young athletes.”
This testimonial was provided by Ellen’s father, Georg.