Cloudia Elder

Professional Contemporary Dancer

Cloudia Elder


“Edge Performance has been the best thing I’ve done for my career. I’ve had trainers for years but nothing like Edge. The positive changes I have seen in my body is astounding and the thought of being this confident, strong and persistent in only a few months seemed impossible when I first came to Edge after leaving my former job at Queensland’s leading contemporary dance company. My aim was to stay consistently strong and fit even if I were taking some time away from full time dancing. His programs are specialised for my needs and he educates me throughout the sessions so I have full understanding of my movement patterns and know how they are directly affecting my dance and me.


Throughout my entire career I have never been as strong physically and mentally as I am now. Now, I’m jumping higher, my muscles are stronger and more stable at range, I produce more force and control my landing, I’m more stable, my transfer of weight is immediate, my body is reacting faster and is producing movement in more accurate ways than ever. As well as this I’m able to efficiently manage my energy levels to sustain me throughout an entire 1-hour dance show. Luke is on this journey with us and he is as excited about our achievements as we are. Edge is always trying to further his knowledge for all of his client’s specialised areas. If you want to make a difference to your sport, train with Edge. I thank Edge for the next step I take in my career because I owe it all to him, I couldn’t recommend him any more!”



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