Claudia ValIetta

Young Matilda's & NSW Institute

Claudia ValIetta

“I first joined EdgePerformance around the age of 14 when my football started to become more serious for me, I knew that in order to improve on the football pitch I had to put in the extra work off the pitch and in the gym to ensure I prevented injuries as well as to keep my body prepared for what it has to endure during a match. With the work put in the gym with Luke, it has given me confidence in the gym and a better understanding of why we do certain exercises to improve different aspects of my game. The rise into higher levels of football squads is a testament to the work done with Edge.


The results of training have been crucial in the success on the pitch, Edge has improved my running technique and biomechanics in pursuit to improve my 20m sprint time as well as vertical jump by increasing strength and power in my lower body. By analysing the way my body moves when running and moving through different exercises, Luke’s sessions have added to my strengths as well as building up my weaknesses to take my confidence in games to the next level.


Throughout my time spent with Luke, I have thoroughly enjoyed training with him 1 on 1 to improve position specific aspects of my game and allowed me to become comfortable in the gym. I look forward to our sessions together as we have a great time in the mornings whilst becoming a better athlete. Edge has been a highlight of my training over the years and throughout covid, keeping me and many other athletes motivated to stay fit and have a laugh at the same time. Looking forward to many more sessions ahead with Edge.”

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