Chris Green

Sydney Thunder, NSW and Guyana Amazon Warriors Representative

Chris Green


“After losing my NSW Contract I was looking for the best way I could get specific strength and conditioning training that would be designed specifically for my body and help me reach my on field goals.


The way in which Edge continued challenged and motivated me to be not only better, but also smarter in the way I trained in the gym was a key part in me having one of my best Cricket seasons to date, and through my performances for the Sydney Thunder, be recognised in Global T20 competitions as a genuine all-rounder.


I can seriously recommend training with Edge to any athlete or person looking to continuously challenge themselves and help achieve their goals and objectives in a smarter, more effective manner. His ability to read my body and emotions on a day-to-day basis, and then taper each session accordingly, meant that I was able to get through a busy schedule without any injuries or soreness as I had picked up in the past. Not only is every session thoroughly enjoyable, but he is a fantastic educator and you leave each session/discussion/coffee meeting in a far better place than when you arrived.”



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