Billy Watson

Professional Golfer

Billy Watson


“I started with Luke 7 months ago for some much-needed training to take my golf game to a new level. With golf becoming such a power game, I felt I was just a little behind the eight ball and knew that with someone pushing myself to break barriers that I would usually back down from I could lead my age group of golfers and dominate my competition. The benefits of training with Luke were seen immediately and I am still finding significant improvements in my flexibility to be able to generate power from the ground to generate force into hitting the golf ball. Within weeks, I finished 18th at Australian Boys Amateur (the biggest junior event in the country). This certainly allowed me to believe in myself because I never thought this achievement was possible.


Luke’s hard-working mentality has allowed me to achieve such feats I never thought was possible. I certainly have my full trust in Luke as he is so committed to keeping up to date with the latest fitness ideas and programs for his athletes. If you are thinking of seeing any strength and conditioning coach, I urge you to become a part of Edge Performance, and I guarantee you will not regret it.”



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February 2016

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