Alyssa Healy

NSW Breakers & Australia

Alyssa Healy


“I first came to Luke last year during COVID lockdown for someone to motivate my training in the off season and also to work on a few key areas in my athletic development specific to cricket. Not only was I motivated, but I returned to training post COVID and smashed all my strength-based goals, which was pretty cool considering I’ve been playing a long time.


The work I’ve been able to do with Luke has made me a stronger, more stable athlete and the highly individualised nature of his programming really targets what I want to be better at within my sport.


I have always been a part of team sports where all my programming was fairly generic and always went through the motions and never questioned why or how it was benefiting me. Having those one-on-one sessions has been a great change for me and working with someone as enthusiastic and knowledgeable as Luke has been a real pleasure.


I look forward to smashing more records and lifting more trophies over the next few years of my career thanks to Luke!”



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