Ally Green

Sydney FC W-League

Ally Green


“When I first met Luke at the gym in 2018, I was already aware of the type of training he could provide me with and had seen sessions conducted with other athletes specific to their sports. Once the NPL started I reached out to Luke and we commenced our first session where he took me through a range of physical and mobility tests to see where I was at. We also discussed my short and long term goals in which I hoped to achieve. The ultimate goal to represent Australia at a senior level.


Luke noticed there were certain issues with my movements and mobility in which was disadvantaging me to achieve my best potential. One of these problems included my poor ankle mobility, which was by continuous ligament damage in both left and right ankles. This had previously caused major setbacks in my career.


Now I have been training with Luke for over a year and have not looked back. He has helped me achieve all my short term goals. I can now perform a weighted squat comfortably, something in which I could never do without pain. We have worked endlessly on ankle mobility and since I have had no more injuries to them. My explosiveness has improved beyond sight andhave never felt more agile and reactive when playing football. Every exercise we do is specific to what I need personally and in my sport. Luke provides me with progressive programs every month to be able to continue my training in the gym with him and also on my own too. We have worked on adding muscle mass in the areas I need to increase power and ultimately speed.


To summarise my experience with Edge performance and Luke himself, he is a very knowledgeable development coach and an even better guy. He is easy to communicate with and is always there to support you to achieve whatever you desire, physically and mentally. My athletic agility, power and balance have improved dramatically and I’m very grateful for everything Luke has taught me in my one-on-one sessions. I would seriously recommend any athlete (any sport) to reach out to Luke if you have similar reoccurring injuries or you just want to better yourself in your sport. You can achieve so much more once you know what you need to improve on and are taught properly.”



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